What paperwork is needed to rent equipment?

The Renter will need to provide the following:

*All paperwork is coordinated & handled through REPOWR.

  • Completed Credit Application
  • Valid Insurance Certificate
  • Completed REPOWR Equipment Rental Agreement (ERA)

What if my owned equipment is damaged?

The Renter assumes all liability once the Owner & Renter execute the REPOWR Equipment Rental Agreement. Click here to view the REPOWR ERA

As the Renter, do I pay for mileage, maintenance fees, & fuel?

The Owner of the equipment has the option to charge per-mile / per-hour fees, which are to be outlined and agreed upon via the REPOWR ERA.

How does insurance work?

The Renter may bring its own insurance coverage. Some of our trusted equipment owners offer an insurance product at the time of ERA execution.